Humorous Fiction

A funny story.

Darth Paper Strikes Back
By Tom Angleburger

If you liked Origami Yoda the Fiction book you will like Darth Paper Strikes Back. Darth Paper has taken over the school. The only person who can help them has been suspended and so his freinds help by trying to save him by makeing casefiles to get him back in to school as fast as posible. He has helped so many people.It may seem like a sad ending but Dwights plan went perfectly,with the help of his crazy mother. som of the funniest parts include Mr.Goodcleanfun. This includes some of Tommys friends and not friends, like Tatertot, Mr.goodcleanfun,Sarah, Rhondella, and Kellen. If you like histaricle books you will find this amusing and comedic. What do you think will happen?

Reviewed by: John R.

Middle School, The Worst Years Of My Life
By James Patterson

In this book Rafe is just bgining middle school. The school is having an asembly talking about the rules. Rafe gets a brilliant idea from his "Friend", Leo. Rafe is going to literaly brake every rule in the book. I think this book is very funny and intresting. I recomend this book for people who are in middle school or who are about to be in middle school,because this book teaches you what to do and what not to do in school.

Reviewer: Jeremiah

Dork Diaries: Tales of a Not So Talented Popstar
Author: Rachel Renee Russel

Do you want to now how to survive MIDDLE SCHOOL? Then read the Dork Diaries Serries!
Nikki J. Maxwell is the 3rd biggest DORK in school. She and her BFF's Chloe and Zoey are entering their school Talent Show. Mackenzie, ( Nikki's enemy) thinks that she can outsmart Chloe and Zoey to be in HER dance group for the Talent Show. Now they are having a war between Chloe and Zoey. If Mackenzie has Chloe and Zoey in her dance group, the Mac's Maniac's will have a slam dunk on the talent show!Who will Chole and Zoey end up with?Will Chloe and Zoey be friends with Nikki, or will they end up with Mackenzie? If you like friendship books, and enjoy watching Talent Shows. Then I reccomend that this book is for you!

Reviewed by Chyenne

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever
By Jeff Kinney

‍Greg is having the worst time of his life! Christmas is coming up for him and his family. Greg has an older brother named Rodrick and a younger brother named Manny and his best friend Rowley. Greg and Rowley are in middle school and they get themselves into a lot of trouble. Greg also tries to earn some money that didn't go to well. Greg and Rowley are having a slight problem with bullies that has to do with getting chased by a stick. Greg is also a prime suspect for a crime scene. I recommend this book for people that like to read funny and intresting books because this book will make you laugh.

Reviewed by Howie