Title Cirqe Du Freak
Author Darren Shan

Have you ever read about a circus freak, non-muderous, half vampire named Darren Shan? If not, read the saga of the action packed filled book called The Cirqe Du Freak by Darren Shan. Darren is an assistant for a vampire named Mr. Crepsley. When he goes to Vampire Mountain, he has to prove himself that he is a worthy vampire with only a day to train for dangerous trials. His first trial is called the Aquatic Maze, is he had to walk through a maze that fills with water with a boulder tied to his leg and has to escape. His second is The Hall Of Needles. He had to walk through a hall with sharp needles about to collaspe on him. Darrens' third is The Hall Of Fire. He had to stay in a place that shoots random fire up that can easily burn him. He had to stay in it for 20 minutes! His fourth is Boars. He had to kill two boars that have been blooded by a vampire so they are harder to kill. One pins him down while the other charges about to kill him, then his friend, Harkat, jumped in the ring and killed them with an hatchet!

I reccomend this saga to anyone who likes horror or action books. Darren meets odd obsticles and very old friends. Get the saga today!