‍‍‍‍‍Hi, I'm Andre. I love to read comics and other books. I love to play sports like soccer. I love to climb trees and play outside. I have a very mean sister who loves to hurt me no matter what. I hate bees, wasps, and anything that bites. I was born in 2000. I love to play any kinds of games. If I have anything I would choose $1,000,000. I would then give it to the people who have no homes. I would try to help the world. I would give my toys to people who don't have any. I would give my life for this country. I will give my blanket,my pillow to any kids. I am Andre [teacher edit] and I will do anything for you and all people. I would try to be as helpful as a student can be. I'll try to make you have a better life then now. I have a promise to help every home there is but I have other things do. I will have a home for every poor person I know. I will make sure that every living thing on this planet will get equal rights for now and ever. I know how you and every thing is feeling right now and I'm sorry for you but I can't help if I'm already helping some other guy and that's the truth. I love this country and I know you do to. So thanks for the help. I have to love this country because its my home. Well not really but pretty much.‍‍‍‍‍ andre.jpg
Eragon By Cristopher
Eragon is about to experince a most deadly journey. With his dragon saphira,he travles around to find the varden. His friend Brom helps him find the varden but was latter killed by a shade. Eragon must now travel alone,but he finds the varden with help from murtag.Then the shade appers and a war begins.I recomend this book to people who love to take trips,and take risks.