H‍‍ey, Welcome to my wiki page. I like to eat pancakes and so does my friend Briara. :) Do you like syrup on your pancakes? Well i do. My favorite book is Deep Dark And Dangrous it's a really good book. I like to play soccor because I think it's fun to play. My nickname is Mandi and i like that name. My favorite places is Mall Of America and Climbing a tree. I love to press buttons and my favortie song is party rock . My best friend likes to eat French Toast and my step mom is really mean. But my mom is really nice. :) I love to go to valley fair in the summer because my mom works at Mcmickeys and we get a discount. The teachers i had Mr. Kleemier, Ms. Lesicka, Ms.Viva, Ms.Morgan and my fith grade teacher is Ms.Wroblowski. I really wanna go see breacking dawn beacause the twilight movies are really good. I got a hat that is a koala from my friend Briara. My homies are Morgan, Briara, Ronnie and Joel. I really love them guys. For christmas i got a Ipad and some new clothes.

Deep And Dark And Dangrous
Mary Downing Hahn

Ali finds a photo that hasnt been touched for years thats ripped with a letter "T" on the back. When Ali goes to Gull Cottage to babysit her cousin Emma. They meet a girl named Sissy who's trying to ruin Ali's vocation. Emma's behavior changes more when shes hangs out with Sissy. Dulice (Emma's mother) doesnt want her hanging with Sissy anymore. Ali finds that there was a axedent has happend years ago. Ali is going to find out. Mysterys's are on the way. If you like mysterys than i recomend this book for you.