‍Welcome to my Wiki,I am Adrien.I have a dog named Opie and he loves to eat anything and everything.I love sledding,softball,animals,volleyball,and fun. Some of my friends are Maddyson,Nancy,Hannah,Breanna,Sophadriana,and Esperanza.

I get all of my pets from the animal shelter.I have 1 dog and 2 cats,my cats names are Kristie and Joey.I am crazy about Angry Birds .My favorite bird is the orange one.

This is my picture!


I read the book " JAWS " by, . The main characters are a 20 foot Great White Shark and Chief Brody the chief of police . The story starts with a drunk girl on a date . The girl went in the water but her boyfriend passed out before he could go in the water . The unsuspecting girl had no idea but she was about to get eaten alive by Jaws a 20 foot long Great White shark , Jaws was hovering under her and then chomp the girl screamed for help but Jaws had already eaten her . When the boyfriend