‍‍Welcome to my wonderous page my name is Abdi I have a great passion for the great American sport Football.What I like about football is that it's un-predictable.The team i most admire is the Pittsburg steelers. My favorite color is red because it just looks great on many things. I have a wonderful family of 6 , 2 brothers , 3 sisters , and the best of all me. The player that mostly describes me is Troy Polumolo, because he's really great at defense. I have great friends named Ethan & Joel & Gabe there all really great at football and I bet you one day were all going to be famous. The thing that describes me the most is that Im fun & sometimes annoying , but who cares ! I also have a little annoying sister that makes no sense.Like lots of boys i love video games,and best game system is xbox360, including the best game of all games is MW3.My favorite hobbys are to skateboard, and to play Video Games.The two best friends i have is Jello and Edouble , and just so you know Im the best defensive end !‍‍


Regarding the Fountain

by Kate Klise In this mischeveous book a sneaky Dee El and a tricky Sally Mander tried to steal all the water in the town. Everybody had their own suggestions of what the fountain should look like.