Welcome to my wiki .Right now I am in the middlde of The Lost Hero it is very good so far. I recamend this book to boys and grils that like adventure. My favorite sport is hockey , because almost any thing can happen. If was a pro hockey I would want to play forever. The best book I ever read is Harry Potter #3 .My favorite color is orange. I also like to draw for fun.I play hockey for White Bear Lake. My friend Evan is leveing this school. I have scored lots of goals this year.I skate with Nathan and Jarrod. My line scores llots of goals.does anyone read this?

The Lost Hero
By:Rick Riordan
Join Jason Leo and Piper on the very first journey for them togather.On this journey you will meet a coach that likes to kill people and a god that throws them out the window.One of the parts is when they fight a giant for their lives.The book is fiction so i recomed this book for people looking for adventure.I felt this book make my heart stop because it is so action packed.Leo has a magic tool belt.Jason has a coin that turns into a sword.Piper can get almost anything.
reveiw by:Aaron